Great Plains Zen Center
Student Members, Engaged Friends, and Supporters

Student Members, Engaged Friends, and Supporters

Student Members, Engaged Friends and Supporters

While all are welcome to come sit with us and attend our classes, workshop and retreats, there are several ways to enter into a more formal commitment to practice and supporting GPZC.


Students (equivalent to organization members) are those who want to become students of Myoyu Roshi.  They are committed to following the Buddha Way with regular guidance, and they make a financial commitment to GPZC to support practice for all.  Students receive benefits including discounts, special invitations, and more consistent interaction with Roshi.  There are provisional, affiliate and practicing student levels.  Consistent with GPZC’s overall policy to not allow financial status to be a barrier, students are able to modify standard payment arrangements as needed.  For more information about the details of the Student Path, see our Membership page.

Engaged Friends 

We welcome all interested people to explore aspects of Dharma practice by attending and participating in many of our workshops, classes, and retreats.  Our Events Calendar provides information and registration links for all events. We also welcome everyone in our community to participate in various non-fee activities like workdays and community service projects.


Supporters/benefactors are those who  provide financial support for the mission and operation of the Zen Center but have not entered into a formal teacher-student relationship with Myoyu Roshi.  The ongoing operating expenses for GPZC are supported through student dues, fee-based activities like classes and retreats, and also through the generosity of our many supporters.  Tax-deductible donations help us in our mission and help us offer practice opportunities to all who are seeking it.  Supporters and benefactors who make monthly contributions of $30 or more receive the same discounts as students (members) on retreats.  Please visit our Dana page to learn more about becoming a supporter/benefactor.