Register now for the Eight Awarenesses Class beginning May 21 2023
Register now for the Eight Awarenesses Class beginning May 21 2023

Register now for the Eight Awarenesses Class beginning May 21 2023

Eight Awarenesses of the Enlightened Person Class Series, May 21 – August 27 2023.  Register Now


Eiheiji Monastery by 663highland – Own work, CC BY 2.5,


“After his illness, he gradually got worse and worse, so that he had to give up his writing.  Therefore, this volume [Haidainingaku] is the very last instruction of our late teacher, and unfortunately, we will not be able to see the intended one hundred chapters [of the full Shobogenzo].  It is most regrettable. Those who love and revere our former teacher should copy and preserve this.  This is the final teaching of our late master. ” 

– Koun Ejo Zenji, 1255,  Maezumi and Glassman, trans.)
on the day before the training session [ango] ended.


This class series is based on Dogen Zenji’s Hachidainingaku and is said to be his last teaching.    The Eight Awarenesses are:  Having few desires, Knowing how to be satisfied, Enjoying serenity and tranquility, Exerting meticulous effort, Not forgetting right thought, Practicing samadhi, Cultivating wisdom and Avoiding idle talk.

The course begins on May 21 and runs through August 27. It meets every other Sunday morning (beginning May 21) from 8-9 AM for a total of  8 classes.   The classes take place online and are one hour long.

This class was inspired by the insightful discussion during January sesshin about “Having Few Desires” and “Knowing how to be Satisfied.” We will explore some history and scriptural references for the Eight Awarenesses. However, the bulk of the class will be exploring how these awarenesses play out in our contemporary lives – challenges, insights, transitions – all to support each other in living our Buddhist practice in the midst of our 21st century lives.

This class is for everyone. Practitioners of all levels and those who have not started a practice are equally welcome as this is truly about our navigation of the human path. It is understood that summer schedules can be busy; participants can attend as many classes as they are able. Each class will cover one of the awarenesses.

Cost of the class series is $40 for the eight classes.  Participants will be expected to obtain a copy of The Hazy Moon of Enlightenment by Maezumi Roshi and Tetsugen Glassman Roshi. Register here by Friday May 19

Dogen Zenji
Photo Attribution: Shii, Public domain,
via Wikimedia Commons

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