GPZC Announces New COVID Policy
GPZC Announces New COVID Policy

GPZC Announces New COVID Policy

The following  COVID precautions are in effect as of May 25 2023:

  • Anyone attending a retreat in person is required to take a rapid antigen test (home test is fine) within 24 hours prior to arriving at this retreat and only attend in person if the result is negative.  
  • Vaccinations and boosters as recommended by the CDC are encouraged but will no longer be required or tracked.
  • Masks are optional, unless someone attends whose risk status makes masks necessary in which case all participants will be asked to wear masks.
  • Social distancing to the extent feasible will continue to be practiced.
  • Participants must wash their hands frequently, use hand sanitizer when handling shared equipment and wipe surfaces with disinfectant after use as appropriate.
  • Please do not attend the retreat in person if you are ill and/or have any symptoms (COVID-related or not) that indicate a possible contagious illness.
  • We will continue to re-evaluate our policies in times of higher transmission rates.

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