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Further Steps in Practice at GPZC

Further Steps in Practice at GPZC

Further Steps in Practice at GPZC

Table with nested oryoki bowls.
Oryoki Bowls

At GPZC, students can continue to deepen their practice through participation in our monthly retreats.  Information about the various kinds of retreats can be found on our Workshops, Classes and Retreats page.

Additional workshops and class series are held periodically and are a wonderful way to explore the Dharma from different vantage points.  These include Council Practice and events recommended by the Racial Justice Circle,

Receiving the precepts in the jukai ceremony

Students wanting to make a formal commitment to practice the Buddha Way can receive the Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts, affirming their commitment to follow the Buddha Way in a ceremony is called jukai. (receiving the precepts or lay ordination). When a student sees practice as their life’s central purpose and profession, they can request tokudo (home-leaving ordination) to become a monk or nun. (You may wish to read our Precepts, Jukai, and Ordination page.)

Shuso returns the shippei to their teacher

The transition from junior to senior student is marked by completion of the Shuso Hossen Ceremony.  In this ceremony, the student ceremonially receives the shippei, a tasseled and usally black curved staff, and challenges their fellow students in a lively dharma dialogue.  Shuso hossen is open to lay students or priests who have reached a certain point in the training curriculum.  Senior students are then able to officiate services.

GPZC also offers Council training and practice as well as opportunities to practice Engaged Buddhism.

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