Ohigan Weeklong Challenge on the Six Paramitas
Ohigan Weeklong Challenge on the Six Paramitas

Ohigan Weeklong Challenge on the Six Paramitas

March 18, 2023 – March 24, 2023 all-day America/Chicago Timezone

Ohigan Weeklong Challenge March 18-24 2023


Ancestor altar at GPZC

GPZC will offer a week-long challenge during Ohigan Week Each day, we’ll send out a short comment on one of the Six Paramitas, with some questions for you to reflect on during that day. The challenge runs from Saturday, March 18 through Friday, March 24. Will you be able to open the email each day, read about the paramita for that day, and make a intentional effort to practice it during your daily activities?

Of course, the challenge is optional. If you prefer not to participate, you can simply delete or disregard the message. Still, we hope you will join with the wider Buddhist community in focusing on this important teaching.  Look for the email in your inbox each day during Ohigan week.

  • Saturday, 3-18 General Introduction to the Paramita Challenge
  • Sunday, 3-19 Dana Paramita: selfless generosity
  • Monday, 3-20 Sila Paramita: ethical discipline (precepts)
  • Tuesday, 3-21 Ksanti Paramita: patience, forbearance
  • Wednesday, 3-22 Virya Paramita: effort, diligence
  • Thursday 3-23 Dhyana Paramita: concentration (meditation)
  • Friday 3-24 Prajna Paramita: wisdom (and the starting day of Beginner’s Mind Sesshin)

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