Great Plains Zen Center
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

At Great Plains Zen Center we aspire to create an inclusive environment for everyone. We recognize that systemic forces of domination, privilege, and exclusion have resulted in unequal access to the resources that support formal Buddhist practice.

We are committed to restoring wholeness to the Sangha by empowering those whose embodiment of the dharma has historically been suppressed, marginalized, or devalued. We celebrate diverse spiritual expressions and acknowledge the inseparability of individual and collective liberation.

We affirm and respect our differences and encourage open communication so that ethical concerns or conflicts that arise are fully heard and addressed appropriately.

Recognizing that systems of power, privilege, and oppression have traditionally created barriers for persons and groups with particular identities, ages, abilities, and histories, Great Plains Zen Center strives to foster a climate of purposeful inclusion of all people. We pledge to do all we can to replace such barriers with ever-widening circles of solidarity and mutual respect. We strive to be a Sangha that truly welcomes all persons and commits to structuring our community in ways that empower and enhance everyone’s participation.