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Northern Illinois Food Bank - Details for Service Opportunities


Volunteer Contact: (630) 443-6910

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Service Opportunities with the Northern Illinois Food Bank include:

  • Food Sorting & Packing. Inspect, sort, and package food distributed to our hungry neighbors. Groups of 20+ must call to register. Ages 8+ are welcome.
  • Skills-Based Volunteers. Put your unique professional and general life skills to use and help us solve hunger! A variety of projects are available.
  • More Upcoming Opportunities Offsite.* Volunteer opportunities that are available periodically. Sign up to receive updates as opportunities become available!
  • The Mobile Pantry is a “traveling food pantry” that delivers meat, produce, non-perishable food and other products to communities where the need for food surpasses the capacity of existing food pantry resources. Volunteers at the Mobile Pantry assist in distributing food to our hungry neighbors. Call for details and opportunities.
  • Produce Harvesting. During our summer months and into the fall, the Food Bank benefits from the generosity of local farmers who will donate an abundance of crops. Volunteer are needed to help harvest corn, squash, and more so it can be brought to the Food Bank for distribution. Call for details and opportunities.

Special Skills Needed: Appropriate to listed task.
Training Needed: Contact Northern Illinois Food Bank
Location of Work: West Suburban Center • 273 Dearborn Ct • Geneva, IL 60134 *(and other locations for Offsite Opportunities listed above)

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