Practicing the Precepts

Great Plains Zen Center offers two home study programs to support practice of the precepts. The first is the one-day Day of Reflection, which takes place once per month. Click here to view the calendar for the next Day of Reflection. To learn more about the Day of Reflection click here.

The other program is called Month of Everyday Precept Practice. Starting with the Day of Reflection and continuing for the rest of the month, participants focus on one of the Ten Grave Precepts, considering its implications and perspectives in all aspects of their lives.


October 2015: The Tenth Grave Precept

September 2015: The Ninth Grave Precept

July 2015: The Eighth Grave Precept

June 2015: The Seventh Grave Precept

May 2015: The Sixth Grave Precept

April 2015: The Fifth Grave Precept

March 2015: The Fourth Grave Precept

February 2015: The Third Grave Precept

January 2015: The Second Grave Precept

December 2014: The First Grave Precept