Zenga (Zen Painting) Class

5/19/2018, 8:00am - 4:00pm at Myoshinji

Great Plains Zen Center is honored to welcome a visit from artist and longtime Zen practioner, Martha Ekyo Maezumi, on Saturday, May 19. Ekyo is a talented artist and art educator with a degree in fine arts. She became interested in the Zenga form when studying with Maezumi Roshi (her late husband) at Zen Center of Los Angeles in the early 1970's. She explains: “I was asked to illustrate the ZCLA Journals, which involved immersing myself in a koan selected by Maezumi , and responding to it visually in what I felt was in line with the historic Zenga painters.”

Zenga Part 1(10:30-12:30) includes how to hold the brush, warm up exercises - vertical and horizontal lines, personal name, simple compositions – Mt. Fuji, ensos, some calligraphy) Zengo Part 2 (2-4) will be more complicated – Jizos, Darumas, ensos, begging monks, maybe some plant work if time. The first class is an orientation and prerequisite for the second class, so Ekyo would prefer that people not sign up for the second class without the first class (unless they have extensive experience with this medium).

Suggested donation is $25 for Class 1 for members, $35 for non members, which includes all materials and $45 for members $65 for non-members for both classes. Additional donations are welcomed to help cover the cost of Ekyo's travel from Salt Lake City and honorarium. These classes are appropriate for adults and older children. When you register and are prompted to pay, change the amount to reflect whether you are taking one or two classes and include a message with the payment.

The schedule on Saturday, May 19, will be as follows:

8:00 Zazen (optional)

8:30 Memorial Service for Maezumi Roshi

9:00 Jukai Ceremony for Chris and Chuck Wellington

10:00 Break

10:30-12:30 Zenga (Zen painting class, Part 1) with Ekyo Maezumi

12:30 Lunch

2:00-4:00 Zenga (Zen painting class, Part 2) with Ekyo Maezumi

$25 for current members, $35 for others.