Three-Day Sesshin

1/25/2018, 8:00pm - 1/28/2018, 9:00am at Myoshinji

Our first retreat of the New Year is the three-day sesshin. It runs 8:00 PM Thursday evening, 1/25, through Sunday morning, 1/28.

We will honor Dr. Martin Luther King by including daily practice of metta (loving kindness meditation) in the schedule. We will also hold a Gate of Sweet Nectar ceremony at 9:00 AM Sunday following the sesshin. Please bring non-perishable goods to donate to the local food pantry. Winter sesshin offers a special opportunity for quiet, calm practice. The cost of this retreat is $150 for members and $180 for non-members, and includes overnight lodging as well as all meals.

All meals are served in the traditional style using monastic eating bowls and utensils called oryoki. Oryoki sets are required and may be purchased or rented.

$150 for current members, $180 for others.