Quarterly newsletter, November - January

Sangha Newsletter for November 2013 through January 2014

In this issue:

  • Zazenkai November 15-17
  • Rohatsu Sesshin December 4-8
  • Three-Day Sesshin January 16-19
  • Bearing Witness Retreat in Rwanda April 14-19
  • Roof Replacement Fundraising Drive
  • Our new class "Manifesting the Great Vow" begins November 3 in Palatine, IL and November 9 in Monroe, WI

Our next retreat is our November Zazenkai at Myoshinji, which begins Friday evening, November 15 and runs through Sunday morning, the 17th.

Please register for this event by November 10.

At this time, it has become necessary to launch a fundraising drive to replace the roof on Myoshinji’s main building housing the zendo and living space. Donations can be mailed, dropped off at Myoshinji or at Sunday night zazen in Palatine, or contributed online at our website. Please help us protect our wonderful zendo with a new roof so that we can continue to practice together in the coming years. We are very grateful for your generosity and sincere practice.