Quarterly newsletter, May - July

Sangha Newsletter for May through July, 2013

In this issue:

  • May Beginner's Mind Sesshin and Maezumi Roshi Memorial Service
  • June 7-Day Sesshin and special events (sangha hike; potluck dinner; Gate of Sweet Nectar ceremony; bonfire)
  • July 3-Day Sesshin
  • Embracing Forgiveness workshops in Illinois and Wisconsin
  • Council discussions at CCUU

Our next retreat is our Beginner's Mind II Sesshin, which begins Friday evening, May 17 and runs through Sunday morning, the 19th.
This will include our annual memorial service for Maezumi Roshi and a Dharma Talk to honor our founder on Saturday, 5/18.

Please register for this event by May 11.

Equipment donation sought: To manage the mowing of the grass in and around the culverts, we are hoping someone might be willing to donate (used or new) a hand-push mower. We're looking for the old-fashioned type (no motor) lightweight and sharp blades are ideal.