May Newsletter and Summer Ango

Our May, 2008 newsletter is now available. It contains information on upcoming sesshin and summer ango practice periods.

Ango is traditionally a 90-day intensive program offering a wonderful opportunity for Zen practitioners to focus and deepen their practice through sesshin and daily zazen. This year, our Summer Ango will begin with a Maezumi Roshi Memorial Zazenkai on Saturday, May 24, at Myoshinji (see details in article below). There will be several opportunities to attend sesshin during the ango:

  • 3-Day sesshin, June 12-15 (Wisconsin)
  • 7-Day sesshin, July 13-20 (Wisconsin)
  • 3-Day sesshin, July 31-Aug. 3 (Ludington, MI)

Throughout ango, regular zazen will take place Saturday mornings in Wisconsin and Sunday evenings in Palatine. We also encourage everyone to be particularly diligent about maintaining a daily sitting practice at home and undertaking special commitment to practice during this time.

In addition to our own calendar, Roshi will be one of several teachers at this year's Great Sky Sesshin, from August 9 to August 16 at Hokyoji in rural Minnesota. The other teachers are:

  • Dokai Georgesen, Hokyoji Monastery
  • Tonen O’Connor, Milwaukee Zen Center
  • Zuiko Redding, Cedar Rapids Zen Center
  • Brad Warner, Dogen Sangha
  • Rosan Yoshida, Missouri Zen Center

Please visit the Milwaukee Zen Center site to register for this event.