Newsletter for November 2006 through January 2007

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August--October Newsletter Ready for Download

[Please note, some calendar events have been updated since publication of the newsletter. For an up-to-date calendar, please go directly to our calendar page. --Gendo, 9-17-06]

The August—October 2006 installment of our newsletter is chock full of news, a printable calendar of events, and membership pledge and sesshin registrations forms. To download, just click here.

Please note that in an effort to conserve resources and save on production and postage costs, the Great Plains Zen Center Sangha Newsletter is moving to electronic delivery as the default mode. We recently sent an email to everyone in our database for whom we have an e-mail address and informed them that we are converting to electronic delivery (.pdf files). If you did not receive that e-mail, please send your current email address to:

May Newsletter

The May newsletter is now available in PDF format. This issue contains information on retreats and workshops through July, as well as our Ango Commitment form. Ango literally means "peaceful dwelling," and this year will last from May 1 through August 6th. Ango is a time to deepen our commitment to practice--to attend retreats and other activities, offer dana, study the precepts, or simply to commit to a regular weekly schedule of zazen. To complete your form and to read about other Center activities, just click here.

February newsletter

The February, 2006 newsletter has been mailed and is available here as well. It includes the calendar through the end of April, information on upcoming Precepts classes and workshops, and more.


Located in rural Green County, Wisconsin, Myoshinji (Subtle Mind Temple) is our newly acquired residential training center. Situated on approximately 3 acres, Myoshinji overlooks meadows and trees, pathways, and a Jizo garden.

November newsletter

The November newsletter has been mailed and is available here as well. It includes the calendar through the end of January, information on Precepts classes, and more.