May Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available here. It includes information on summer sesshin and ango, the upcoming introductory workshop schedule, our Autumn workshop series, and more.

Peace Meditation for Darfur

4/28/2007, 1:30pm at Myoshinji

We're pleased to be offering a community meditation as part of the Global Days for Darfur. During this one and a half hour event, we will meditate, chant, pray and send loving-kindness to the people of Darfur and to all those in the world who are suffering the effects of intolerance and oppression.

Participants from any religious background are welcome and do not need to have previous experience in meditation. There will be information packets and refreshments provided, and any donations will be dedicated entirely to charity in Darfur. To register, please visit the page for this event at Save Darfur.

Precepts Sesshin, April 26-29, at Myoshinji

The Great Plains Zen Center is pleased to offer a retreat designed especially for those who are preparing to receive the Buddhist precepts (jukai). In addition to zazen, services and meals, the retreat will feature talks and discussions about the lineage and participants will write their own lineage chart. Other talks will focus on the different understandings of the precepts and how they apply to everyday life. Those attending will also have opportunities to work on sewing rakusus.

Change to Weekly Schedule

In order to make it possible for more of us to sit together more regularly, we've changed our weekly schedule and will now have sittings at Countryside Church only on Sundays at 7:00 PM. We will no longer have formal sitting on Tuesday nights. Of course we encourage you to join us on Sundays!

February Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available here. It includes the calendar through April, information on our new Sunday schedule at Myoshinji, and more.

Newsletter for November 2006 through January 2007

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Sunday Program at Myoshinji Begins Sunday, Nov. 12, 2006

We are pleased to announce a new Sunday morning weekly program at Myoshinji. The program will take place each Sunday starting at 9 AM with two periods of zazen, a talk or class, work practice and vegetarian lunch. The program is open to beginners and practitioners at all levels. Beginning instruction will be provided each week for newcomers. Dokusan (individual practice meetings with Myoyu Roshi) will be available most Sundays. Pre-registration for this program is not required, but first time participants may wish to call for directions, what to bring, etc.

Visit from Buddhist Literature Class

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Natalie Gummer and the students of her Interpreting Buddhist Literature class from Beloit College on Saturday, November 4 at Myoshinji. The class will have the opportunity to see how Buddhist scripture can be used as liturgy, as a guide to actualizing practice in everyday life and as a focus of practice itself. Dr. Gummer’s academic specialty is in the Mahayana Buddhist sutras.

Beloit College Students Visit Myoshinji

On Saturday, October 28, 22 students and 2 faculty members from Beloit College attended a half-day workshop at Myoshinji including zazen, discussion and a modified oryoki lunch. The visit was organized by Bill Conover, Director of the Spiritual Life Program at Beloit. Many attendees were from Dr. Alfred “Roc” Ordman’s “Biochemical Issues: Nerve Signalling” class. Dr. Ordman uses His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s The Universe in a Single Atom as one of the texts and includes meditation as part of this upper level biochemistry course. The students enthusiastically participated in the workshop, asking insightful questions Myoyu Roshi was asked to provide guidance for an on-campus sitting group being established by Bill Conover.

August--October Newsletter Ready for Download

[Please note, some calendar events have been updated since publication of the newsletter. For an up-to-date calendar, please go directly to our calendar page. --Gendo, 9-17-06]

The August—October 2006 installment of our newsletter is chock full of news, a printable calendar of events, and membership pledge and sesshin registrations forms. To download, just click here.

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