Intro Workshop at Myoshinji Canceled

The introductory workshop scheduled for Saturday, December 19 at Myoshinji has been canceled. Please join us instead on January 23. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Quarterly Newsletter for November - January

Our November, 2009 newsletter is now available.

Quarterly Newsletter for August - October

Our August, 2009 newsletter is now available. In addition to the full calendar for the next three months, it also contains sesshin dates for the next year.

Scouts Install Two Natural Gardens at Myoshinji

Enhancement of the grounds of Myoshinji through the installation of two natural gardens was the focus of a recent project coordinated by Eagle Scout candidate Alex Slepak. Members of Boy Scout Troop 100 (Buffalo Grove, IL) and Venturing Crew 747 (Long Grove, IL) spent the weekend of June 21 on the project. Working from a list of native plant materials selected by Myoyu Roshi, grasses, flowers and other flora were purchased with funds donated by Zen Center members as well as scouts and their families.

2009 International Buddhism Festival

On June 13, the Buddhist Council of the Midwest will host the 25th annual International Buddhism Festival, with the theme of "Many Lineages, Many Cultures, One Dharma." Myoyu will be a keynote speaker this year. The festival will take place at Lake Street Church, 607 Lake St, in Evanston.

This event is always a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!

Great Sky Sesshin

We're pleased to announce that Myoyu will once again be one of six teachers at the annual Great Sky Sesshin at Hokyoji in rural Minnesota.

The other teachers this year will be Dokai Georgesen of Hokyoji, Tonen O'Connor of Milwaukee Zen Center, Zuiko Redding from Cedar Rapids Zen Center, Rosan Yoshida from Missouri Zen Center and Brad Warner of the Dogen Sangha.

This sesshin is a wonderful chance to connect with the larger Zen community in the Midwest and to practice with a somewhat larger group in a beautiful rural location.

Sesshin will run from August 8 - 15. For more information and to register, please visit Hokyoji or see the registration document (PDF).

Quarterly Newsletter for May - July

Our May, 2009 newsletter is now available. It contains information on upcoming events, including the Midwest Buddhist Council's International Buddhism Festival in June, and our sesshin calendar through August.

Quarterly Newsletter for February - April

Our February, 2009 newsletter is now available. It contains information on upcoming sesshin and other events, as well as a number of changes to our weekly schedule. Please note that we will now have zazen four days a week at Myoshinji, as well as monthly Practice Circles with zazen, a talk and an informal discussion.

Winter break

There will be no sitting in Palatine or at Myoshinji from December 20 through January 3, to allow members to spend time with family during the holidays. Activities resume with a special service and teisho on Sunday, January 4 in Palatine.

Our New Year's service will include the chanting of the Heart Sutra, followed by a teisho on the topic of atonement. Please join us!

Quarterly Newsletter for November - January

Our November, 2008 newsletter is now available. It contains information on upcoming sesshin and other events.