Quarterly newsletter for February - April

Our February, 2011 newsletter is now available. It includes sangha news, information about upcoming events, and more.

Of special note is preliminary information about our 2011 summer intensive practice period, running from Monday, June 20, through Friday, July 22 and including a seven-day sesshin. This is a rare opportunity for residential practice. More information is forthcoming, but please save the dates now!

Thanksgiving schedule changes

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be no zazen at Myoshinji this Tuesday or Wednesday (November 23 and 24). We hope to see you soon.

Quarterly newsletter for November - January

Our November, 2010 newsletter is now available. It includes sangha news, information about upcoming events, and more.

New date for November zazenkai

Please note that our upcoming November zazenkai has been moved from the weekend of November 12 to the next weekend, November 19.

Reflections on the Gate of Sweet Nectar

During our recent summer ango, we performed the Gate of Sweet Nectar ceremony. Called the Kan Ro Mon in Japanese, this service is an important annual event for us at GPZC. (Click here to read a wonderful talk by Eve Myonen Marko on the background of this service in the White Plum lineage.) Some of our members offer these reflections on this moving event...

Quarterly Newsletter for August - October

Our August, 2010 newsletter is now available.

Online class: The Noble Eightfold Path

9/4/2010, 9:00am - 12/11/2010, 5:00pm at coursewarp.com

This class explores the Eightfold Path, one of the most fundamental teachings of the Buddha and the fourth of the Four Noble Truths. The eightfold path describes the elements of ethical conduct (Sila): Right Speech, Right Action and Right Livelihood; the elements of concentration (Samadhi): Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration; and the elements of wisdom (Prajna): Right Thought and Right Understanding. In this class, we look at these teachings from the Mahayana standpoint (including the Zen tradition) as well as the traditional formulations described in the Pali Canon.


Beginner's Mind Sesshin

3/22/2019, 5:30pm - 3/24/2019, 9:00am at Myoshinji

Those who are in the early stages of their practice are encouraged to join us in March at Myoshinji–our center’s home in Monroe, Wisconsin–for our Beginner’s Mind Sesshin. Sesshin (intensive practice retreats) are an important part of Zen practice. This retreat will introduce students to the formal practices that are integral to sesshin, including: sitting and walking meditation; liturgy; taking meals in the traditional, formal oryoki style; and work practice.


Quarterly Newsletter for May - July

Our May, 2010 newsletter is now available. In addition to information about upcoming workshops and retreats, this issue includes information and the commitment form for summer ango (practice period), which starts this weekend with our annual memorial for our founder, Taizan Maezumi Roshi. Ango is a wonderful opportunity to foster a more focused commitment to Zen practice.

Drum Circle & Traditional Ojibway Teachings with guest, Ron Kanutski

Great Plains Zen Center is pleased to host Ron Kanutski, presenting Ojibway Traditional Teachings on Sunday night, February 21 in place of our regular evening sitting in Palatine. There is a suggested donation of $15 for this event and refreshments will be served.

Ron’s gift is his natural ability to bridge traditional Ojibway healing methods and ceremonies shared by the elders with mainstream healing modalities to provide unique learning experiences and opportunities. Bring your hand drum or rattle and join Ron in sharing songs, stories and teachings of the Ojibway (Anishnawbe) people to promote healing and good life.

Ron Kanutski is a Registered Social Worker, Native Cultural Teacher, with 18 years of extensive experience in the mental health and addictions field. Ron is currently based in Thunder Bay, Ontario and continues to be actively involved in Ontario, Wisconsin and Illinois. Read more about Ron at http://www.withcareconsulting.com/, and see the flyer for this event.