Buddha's Birthday

4/6/2019, 12:30pm - 2:30pm at Myoshinji
Join us at the Zen Center for 2 hours of fun for the whole family in celebration of Buddha's Birthday. A light lunch will be served followed by a special service in which children take turns playing the temple instruments and offering flowers and sweet tea. We’ll also have mindfulness activities and a craft. Families will be able to take home a booklet of age-appropriate mindfulness activities and suggestions they can do throughout the day. And of course, there is plenty of time for adults and children to socialize.

Quarterly newsletter, November - January

Sangha Newsletter for November 2013 through January 2014

In this issue:

  • Zazenkai November 15-17
  • Rohatsu Sesshin December 4-8
  • Three-Day Sesshin January 16-19
  • Bearing Witness Retreat in Rwanda April 14-19
  • Roof Replacement Fundraising Drive
  • Our new class "Manifesting the Great Vow" begins November 3 in Palatine, IL and November 9 in Monroe, WI

Our next retreat is our November Zazenkai at Myoshinji, which begins Friday evening, November 15 and runs through Sunday morning, the 17th.

Please register for this event by November 10.

At this time, it has become necessary to launch a fundraising drive to replace the roof on Myoshinji’s main building housing the zendo and living space. Donations can be mailed, dropped off at Myoshinji or at Sunday night zazen in Palatine, or contributed online at our website. Please help us protect our wonderful zendo with a new roof so that we can continue to practice together in the coming years. We are very grateful for your generosity and sincere practice.

Forgiveness Workshop

10/19/2013, 9:00am - 3:00am at Countryside Church

This workshop will be held at Countryside Unitarian Universalist Church (1025 N Smith St. Palatine, IL 60067)

Do you have unresolved anger toward a friend or loved one that seems to be keeping you from moving forward in your life? Do you have difficulty acknowledging your anger and sadness? Are you in a role of helping others and wonder how you can best help them find the path of forgiveness?


Quarterly newsletter, August - October

Sangha Newsletter for August through October, 2013

In this issue:

  • Beginner's Mind Sesshin September 13-15
  • Bodhidharma Sesshin October 3-6
  • The Karaniya Metta Sutta
  • Embracing Forgiveness workshops in Illinois and Wisconsin
  • Council discussions at CCUU

Our next retreat is our August Zazenkai at Myoshinji, which begins Friday evening, August 16 and runs through Sunday morning, the 18th.

Please register for this event by August 11.

Do you have skills or interest in making candles? GPZC is looking for someone to make candles for use on our altars. We will supply all materials. Candles placed on the altar signify wisdom and are an important part of our liturgy. Making our own candles allows us to use recycled wax from burned candles and saves a considerable amount of money. This will also allow us to eventually switch to the use of soy candles.

Quarterly newsletter, May - July

Sangha Newsletter for May through July, 2013

In this issue:

  • May Beginner's Mind Sesshin and Maezumi Roshi Memorial Service
  • June 7-Day Sesshin and special events (sangha hike; potluck dinner; Gate of Sweet Nectar ceremony; bonfire)
  • July 3-Day Sesshin
  • Embracing Forgiveness workshops in Illinois and Wisconsin
  • Council discussions at CCUU

Our next retreat is our Beginner's Mind II Sesshin, which begins Friday evening, May 17 and runs through Sunday morning, the 19th.
This will include our annual memorial service for Maezumi Roshi and a Dharma Talk to honor our founder on Saturday, 5/18.

Please register for this event by May 11.

Equipment donation sought: To manage the mowing of the grass in and around the culverts, we are hoping someone might be willing to donate (used or new) a hand-push mower. We're looking for the old-fashioned type (no motor) lightweight and sharp blades are ideal.

Change of address

Please note that GPZC has moved its mailing address from the old PO box in Barrington, IL to a new one in Palatine. This will help reduce confusion, since our weekly zazen has been held in Palatine for many years. Our new address is:

PO Box 2077
Palatine, IL 60078

If you've set up an automated dues payment, you may need to ask your bank to update the address!

Quarterly Newsletter, Nov - Jan

Our November newsletter is now available.


10/21/2012, 7:00pm at Countryside Church

Please join us on Sunday, October 21 at 7:00 pm, when Nataly Kercher, Anneliese Vandre, Lorrie Kountz and Tom Janiec will receive the Buddhist Precepts at our usual Sunday evening meeting at Countryside Church, 1025 N. Smith Rd., Palatine, IL. This is an important practice step, affirming their intention to actualize the Buddha Way in all aspects of their lives in a way that is visible to others.

Quarterly newsletter, Aug - Oct

Our August newsletter is now available.

Quarterly Newsletter, May - July

Our May newsletter is now available. It contains information on our summer practice period and other upcoming events, including a new online reading/discussion course on the Six Paramitas.