May 2019 Newsletter

Summer Ango (May 17-July 28 2019)

April 2019 Newsletter

Early spring has arrived at Great Plains Zen Center!

March 2019 Newsletter

Buddha's Birthday Celebration

February 2019 Newsletter

What is the Significance of the Pine Stitch?
–  from a talk by Myoyu Roshi in the Aspects of Zen Practice class.

January 2019 Newsletter

Dear members and friends of the Great Plains Zen Center community,

December 2018 Newsletter

WInter serenity is settling over the Zen Center as the month of December begins.  We are grateful for all who come through our doors and share this precious opportunity to practice together.

November 2018 Newsletter

Schedule change at Great Plains Zen Center, Monroe Wisconsin:   After many years of Friday morning and evening and Saturday morning sitting and service, Great Plains Zen Center is changing to the following schedule in an attempt to better serve the community: