GPZC has over $2000 in fixed monthly expenses (church rental, mortgage, utilities and maintenance costs at Myoshinji, etc.), and is dependent on its members' dues to meet these obligations. Members at all levels will help sustain the Center by submitting their dues on a regular basis, commensurate with their level of membership. A receipt for dues and donations will be mailed to each member and donor every January for tax reporting purposes.

There are four levels of membership in the sangha of the Great Plains Zen Center.

Practicing Membership ($50 per month)
is for anyone who will be practicing zazen with the sangha on a regular, weekly basis. Practicing members receive a discounted rate for sesshin and Summer Ango retreats.
Affiliate Membership ($30 per month)
is for sangha members who live at a greater distance from the regular sittings in Palatine, and who are not able to attend on a regular basis.
Friend of GPZC (Any amount per year)
is for anyone who wishes to support the Zen Center and receive newsletters and special communications, but attends Zen Center activities infrequently.
Sustaining Membership (any pledge greater than $75 per month)
is for anyone who wishes to make a more substantial financial commitment to supporting the Zen Center. Sustaining members receive the same benefits as practicing members.

If you are a current member and wish to pay dues online, please visit this page.