Roshi Receives Inka

Susan Myoyu Andersen, Roshi, spiritual director of GPZC, and several of her fellow teachers, recently received Inka Shomei ("Legitimate Seal of Clearly Furnished Proof"). Myoyu Roshi received Shiho from Maezumi Roshi in 1995, giving her permission to teach in our Soto lineage which comes through Hakujun Kuroda Roshi. This Inka ceremony grants final approval in our Rinzai lineage through Musa Koryu Roshi, another one of Maezumi Roshi's teachers.

Dennis Genpo Merzel, Roshi, President of the White Plum Asanga, wrote, "I am very pleased to announce that on April 30th, Jan Chozen Bays, Nicolee Jikyo McMahon, Charles Tenshin Fletcher, and Susan Myoyu Andersen received Inka from me at the White Plum meeting held at Shishin and Shinko's lovely new Zendo. It was wonderful to be a part of Maezumi Roshi's great effort and dream."

The White Plum meeting was hosted by Shishin Roshi and Shinko Sensei at the Great Mountain Zen Center in Lafeyette, Colorado. The lineage, which has been growing nicely, now has a total of 53 teachers who have received transmission from Maezumi Roshi or his successors.

Congratulations to all!